Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bonus notes.

So I need to post something because I've realised it has been a while. Here's a piece that won't end in the novel final but is an interesting outtake.


She was hypnotised by her own image in the mirror. She always grinned at herself and made her eyes large and alluring, like an actor practicing their look for a role in an upcoming film. But, to Sean, watching her dance in front of the nude figure in the reflected glass, admiring this figure's body, it struck him how her obsession went beyond pure narcissism. He would often get the impression that she was reacting to a new person in the room. Rachel would sometimes spend upwards of twenty minutes just looking at her face, slowly turning her head left and right with a practiced expression. What she saw now disappointed her and she flopped over on the bed.
"I am so fat. I must be pregnant."